Trace- “Honey”


It’a almost as if this little lady has just appeared out of thin air. Last year was my first time hearing of TRACE with her track “Heavy Shoulders.” Here we are the next year, 2016 and she has dropped “Honey.” I was wondering when we would get something else and here it is. “Honey” is just as dope as I thought it would be. TRACE is no newbie to music. Her mother was a Vietnam singer for over 50 years and if that doesn’t make some sort of impact I’m not sure what does. TRACE is a LA Based singer-songwriter and her vibes are a mix between the R&B and pop genres. Although she does blend them she always finds a way to add her own flare to her music as any great artists does.

“Honey” is a piano ballad that calms the soul and is amazingly beautiful. “Give me something I can keep” is how she calls you to bear your soul and get to the grittiness of truth. She allows the listener to think while being taken to a place of absolute isolation within the track. I love the fact that “Honey” doesn’t have any extra background noise. With the track being fresh and kind of bare, in a wonderful way,  you are able reach within her lyrics and understand her plea. I love how her vocal range is as mellow as the piano itself yet powerful. TRACE is one of my favorites and she only has two tracks out so far. Her voice has a real zing and you will fall in love her music without a doubt.

If you want to check out more from TRACE then click the social media links below for updates.



IG: @listentotrace

Twitter: @listentotrace

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