Day 28 of the #vibeandflexyogachallenge-Milan “Lime”

Day 26 is one I really didn’t want to post. It wasn’t because of the pose itself but because my butt and toochie were all in the air, then I snapped back into reality. Everything that has to do with yoga deals with both of those areas and them being in front of someone, somewhere. As the saying goes “Scared people are never successful” and I’m not one of those people. Today’s pose was the foot-behind-the-head pose and it was just as hard as it looks. I don’t expect you all to do it fully and I was actually surprised that I could get as far as I did.

So let me put this out there. Know your boundaries and limits because if you have hip issues I don’t want you to say, “well, Matr3moni said it was awesome even for those with hip injuries.” Yes I want you all to become more flexible just as I do as well, but I can’t stress enough the importance of knowing your limits. Modification of poses is very important especially with those who have major injuries such as myself. I have to mommy you and tell you to make sure you drink plenty of water. Hydration is very important and helps with flexibility among other health attributes. The Foot-behind-the-head  pose opens the hip flexors, reduces stress and anxiety levels. Mastering this will help with those pesky inversions we were glad to move on from.



Today’s vibe id Milan with “Lime.” I don’t drink very often if any but after the foot-behind-the-head pose I wanted a little sip of something and this track allowed me to skip it an just enjoy the vibes with the same satisfactions.

Keep updated with Milan and what she has going on through her social media and website. He voice is one that you want to hear without question.


FB:  Milan 

IG: @hernameis_milan

Twitter: @hernameismilan

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