Pretty Sister- “Come to LA”


This dude can sang, not sing, but literally sang! It took me at all of 5 seconds to know that I would be hooked and I’m okay with that. When the beat drops so does the vocals they are so on point. Singer-songwriter Zak Waters aka Pretty Sister just dropped his latest track “Come to LA” and it’s pretty freaking dope. If you have ever been in a long distance relationship then you will be able to relate to this track for sure. Even if you haven’t been in that type of relationship you can still relate and it may even make you want to find a ticket and get the hell on.

The bass plus the guitars, the lyrics and those vocals made this song go through the roof. This vibe is groovy and sexy balled up into one. If you don’t listen to this you are doing yourself a serious injustice and once you hear everyone around you falling in love with it you will be so upset that you had not listened to it earlier. I am beyond excited that Pretty Sister wasted no time in putting out another hit after recently releasing “Drive.” Make sure you check out “Drive” and “Come to LA”

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FB: Pretty Sister

IG: @prettysismusic

Twitter: @prettysismusic



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