Virgin Islands rapper Pediko has been killing the scene for a while now but his track “Bubbly” just proves why he is one of the great ones. Nothing says bubbly on the beach like bubbly on a private island. Pediko is only shows the world a taste of his island life in his “Bubbly” video and the positive vibes are being felt all over. The video was just dropped earlier today and the rating are going nowhere but up.

Last year I told you to keep your eyes open for Pediko. He’s a true Indie Hustler who’s rising faster than the bubbles in champagne on the beach. With “Bubbly,” as soon as the beat drops you don’t stop moving until it’s over and that’s if you don’t put it on repeat. His last drop, Live from the Poundhouse was dope as hell but Live from the Poundhouse II is that FIRE. “Bubbly” has a flare that we just aren’t getting authentically in the game right now. Pediko isn’t into the character rap trends that are going on right now but rather just raw lyrics that entice you until you’re hooked. This track has base that will literally knock your socks off but the lyrics are the silent killers with the hard bang.

Pediko is a reckoning to be dealt with and I’m rocking with him until the end of forever. You don’t want to miss what he has coming up. If you thought what he has done so far was beast mode, just wait, it’s still more to come that will blow your mind and have you rocking his music on repeat daily. Go ahead and hit up Pediko’s social media to get linked up and make sure you stay connected for updates.

IG: @poundboypediko

FB: Pediko

Twitter: @poundboypediko


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