I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this new track by by Tisha Campbell-Martin “Lazy B*Itch. (I Ain’t Gina)” Okay, so I know Gina was a character she played on one of my favorite television shows, Matrin. I also know that working as an actress can be extremely hard. There is this growing assumption that those trying to break into the acting word, especially women, will do whatever they have to to rise to the top. I think this is an old bullsh*t move. Tisha Campbell-Martin is a trend setter for the ‘No Nonsense’ and has been for decades now. So why people are saying she’s making this record to defend something that may or may not have happened over a decade ago blows my mind.

If you hadn’t known, Tisha Campbell-Martin has been in the business for over 40 years. She started when she was only 3 years old so don’t be misguided, she’s true to this not new to this. There is a lot of buzz as to who she is speaking to in this video, but honestly, I just don’t care.

“Lazy B*tch” is rocking the streets like an earthquake!

“Lazy B*tch” is a song for all those women who keep the haters annoyed such as myself. No one can understand how they are making these major boss moves and the haters are watching from the sidelines with their tooted up lips and bad vibes speculating. Tisha is absolutely right when she says “You’re outta order!” The beat for this record id popping and as soon as it drops your body has a instant reason to move. The lyrics are killer but her delivery is everything.

I love the fact that Tisha Campbell-Martin is as cool as I always thought she would be. If you have ever seen her on her social media, she takes you with her on her journey and its not just fake ass photos of her and random people but it life moments and videos that bring you into her world. I will always love her part she played as Gina but Tisha Campbell-Martin is a BOSS and that’s who I admire most.

Here’s Tisha’s explanation of where the song title came from


Make sure you check out Tisha Campbell-Martin and what she has going on because this sister is doing her damn thing.

website: simplytisha.com

FB: Tisha Campbell Martin

IG: @tishacampbellmartin

Twitter: @TishaCampblMrtn


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