Vintage Nation- “Cuz I’m Black”


I told you last year to keep your eyes WIDE open for the dynamic duo Vintage Nation. Their latest “Cuz I’m Black” is exactly what I was talking about. This song made me raise my fist in the air.  I feel so empowered and proud of my melanin, especially after hearing that. I love music that makes you love yourself more. It’s so important to raise the heads of our Black people. We are in the midst of a movement that must be taken seriously. We need more music that reflects that.

Vintage Nation has always been on my indie music top 20 list, but they’re definitely top 10 of the indie music in Atlanta right now. ‘Ink’ and ‘Jow,’ are not your stereotypical Atlanta indie music group. Their lyrics are bound to a force that puts you in magical space. They describe themselves  as the “wild, young, free, soulful and respected.” They are what I call being your authentic selves which makes their music that more appealing. Vintage Nation music and vibes leak into you making you want to grab your destiny and take off for the hills. This is one duo that you don’t want to slip through your fingers. Your ears will thank me later.

 But wait, here’s the BONUS:

I couldn’t leave you without dropping the video for this vibe because it’s freaking explosive.


Make sure you check out Vintage Nation on their social media to get all the latest updates. I promise you wont be disappointed.

IG: @vintage_nation

TWITTER: @vintage_nation

FB: Vintage Nation




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