Keiynan Lonsdale – “Higher”


Keiynan Lonsdale is the Australian actor, dancer, and singer who continues to blow everyone away. You may know him from his recent work in Flash as Wally West. His latest EP HIGHER Vol. 1 and track “Higher” has opened the musical side we all knew was there all along.  This is what I call a performer. He has been highlighted for his wonderful acting abilities but now it’s time  to break into music as well. “Higher” is a more carefree side of life, and love. This vibe is mellow and poetic. As soon as you think it can’t get better, that higher elevation kicks in.

Lonsdale range makes the vocals an experience I love that the music isn’t overthrowing his voice. As someone making their way into music especially R&B, this is amazing. I am enjoying Lonsdales EP HIGHER Vol.1 .



I had to drop this video. I really enjoyed the rawness, it’s the perfect combination. Check out the latest updates from Keiynan Lonsdale on his social media.

FB: Keiynan Lonsdale

IG: @Keiynanlonsdale

Twitter: @KeiynanLonsdale

YouTube:  Keiynan Lonsdale


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