3 step morning yoga jump-start

Not doing yoga for a couple of days can get your body all out of whack. It start off as a little relaxation time and then your saying  hello to sluggish world. The great thing is that you can always get a quick jump start back into yoga no matter your level of expertise. The quick fix to a yoga jump start is to start off slow. Of course we all want to be able to do handstands by the end of the week but that comes with planning, motivation and consistency.

Once you’ve made up your mind to get started again, get back into yoga and regain self through my 3 step stretching jump start. Last month I did the 30 day Vibe and Flex Yoga Challenge and I learned lots of great stretches. The three that I found to be most helpful are what I made into my morning stretch routine. I decided to use these steps that are sure to be easy and they get you going in the morning straight from the bed.

Step 1:  Morning Stretching Sequence 

**hold all poses for 30-60 seconds **

Full Body Stretch -Laying flat on your back, extend your arms and legs so that you are fully extended. Your body should be making an slight X shape. For most, this is a natural reaction when you wake up. This pose Increases your overall oxygen intake from the expansion of your rib cage. You want to hold this stretch, making sure you elongate your body. Elongating your body engages the entire body. The fully body stretch pose activates all of your muscles. It’s our natural good morning wake up call.

Wind Removing Pose – This pose will really get your digestive system moving. While laying on your back, raise one knee to your chest (don’t press your knees against your rib cage). Wrap your fingers around your left knee and pull it into your left shoulder. Repeat on the right side. Lastly, pull both knees into your shoulders. End with the morning self hug. Here you are increasing your flexibility and activating your abdomen, thighs and hips.

Hip Rock Pose –  Hip Rock is great for the lower back and pelvis. With your knees slightly bent, put your feet flat on the bed. You want your legs a little more than hip width apart. Let both knees fall to one side and then the other. This movement naturally stretches your hips, lower back, and it messages your internal organs.

Step 2:  Meditation

When getting back on track for yoga its best if you start by doing meditations silently. No phones, music, or even television to distract the positive energy. This is a moment of total stillness, not thinking about anything in particular. I do this for about 2 minutes and gradually increase the time. My mediation pose of choice is the Burmese position. It’s a crossed leg position with your feet staying on the bed. Let the bed be your cushions but you can modify for your comfort. You may find that this helps to prevent your brain from going into overload throughout the day.

burmese pose

Step 3: Eat Energy foods

I absolutely love blue berry bagels. So when I love to get my day started with something quick, hassle free, and energizing, I split a bagel and put them in the toaster. While waiting for them to toast, make sure to get out the peanut butter, and bananas. I peel the banana and slice them thinly so they fit on the sandwich and not just in it (I usually only use half for the sandwich and place the other half on the side). Once the bagels have toasted, I then spread the peanut butter on the flat insides on both pieces. Lastly, place the bananas on the top of the peanut butter and close the bagel. You can cut it in half or eat as you like. This is so easy that the kids will love it and you don’t have to do a lot of laboring.

These 3 steps will help with your yoga jump start. With some consistency you will be up doing handstands in no time. First start with the 3 small steps that will change your daily habits and then progress into a more serious practice. You can also use these simple steps to a happier morning, more energized day, and a getting yourself on a schedule. For more yoga poses and healthy eating recipes check out my Pinterest.  Yoga is a total body workout, mind body and soul and you have to have them aligned to be a better version of yourself. Don’t wait another day to get to your better yoga self, jump-start your yoga routine today.

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