BJ The Chicago Kid – “HOME” (extended version)


BJ The Chicago Kid has a amazing voice. He is giving great justice to Chicago singers before him and  laying great guidance for those after. I am ready for this next era of movement music, you know, the kind of music that makes you damn near want to jump out of your skin when you hear it to kick back in. I don’t mean your usual rump shaker. Although I love a great rump shaker, BJ The Chicago Kid has the vocals to break you down to your knees and cry like a baby. First, his voice is strong and a force to be reckoned with which will have you with his music on repeat. Then the vocal range is amazing leaving your ears wide open.

“Home is a explosion of sound and is instantly ergasmic to those who have been waiting to hear some really great R&B. The vocals are smooth and full of those ‘reel you in’ notes. This is a soothing vibe that makes a nurturing jam out session. “Home” is only one of the amazing hits from BJ The Chicago Kid’s latest album, In My Mind. I had a field day with this album. I felt those old feelings of ‘back in the day’ and it was comforting.

It’s time that music takes another shift and get back to its roots of moving the people. I enjoy the relaxing vibe from “Home” and BJ The Chicago Kid’s album In My Mind. You need to go get this asap. Make sure you keep up with the latest updates from BJ The Chicago Kid. Check out his social media and download your copy.


IG: @bjthechicagokid




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