Natural Hairducation: the misinformed natural hair mom

Okay so I have been on my personal loc journey for three years but I have been natural for 6 years. Being natural was such a hard thing for me to keep up with because I loved me some hair crack, aka perm. I always had either a bob style (long or short), short styles or wired extremes. Once I went natural I went through the natural hairducation quickly. I can’t tell you how much money I have spent over the years on hair products alone that just didn’t work. When we decided to keep my daughters hair natural I thought it would be perfect, especially since my entire house is either natural or loced. The idea was great but the process is extremely tedious, even more so for the misinformed natural hair mom. I had nowhere but everywhere to start.

Finding products became overwhelming plus the amount of information being given isn’t always helpful. On the natural hair journey the amounts of wrong information is also out there so you have to be cautious about what you’re taking in. During this process of beginning natural Hairducation, there were steps being skipped such as helping others find their natural hair types. This may seem like a obvious step but it has been missed by many. Most women don’t look for the type of hair, they look at the style they want to achieve. When dealing with natural hair there are no exact replicas, only variations of types of hair.

You want to save yourself the headache and follow these quick and simple basic 3 steps you should take when transitioning to natural hair or making your natural care regimen. The list below helped me step in the right direction for all of my family members. Most of my overwhelming feelings melted away and I gained confidence in my hair care journey using these simple steps.

                    1. Find your Hair Type

Finding your hair type is the first step you need to take when going natural. In order to care for your hair properly, you have to know what works for your hair. What works for one type can actually break another so this step is extremely important.

There are so many charts out there so it can become overwhelming. I’m making it easy for you, I found this easy “Hair Types,” chart to be extremely helpful. The visuals are great, and the quick tips are helpful. This is only a beginning point. Once you know your hair type all other information for that type becomes clearer and you can search based on your specific needs.


      2. Find products that work for your hair type

With each hair type comes different challenges and perks but you have to know what products work well for your hair. Although we all fall into a certain hair category, all of our hair is not the same. It’s extremely important to find products that suit your specific hair needs. In situations like dry scalp, you need great products that coincide with a balanced meal and proper hydration.

A helpful guide I found ,”The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair Products,” helps to break down the differences in cleansers. All shampoos aren’t good just based on price and smell alone. When it comes to your hair and body you have to give what you want to get. In order to have healthy hair you have to treat it properly with the right nutrients. This guide really breaks down the benefits for your hair and how to achieve your own natural hair success story.


                      3. Create a Hair Regimen 

Once you find your hair type and products that work, it’s important that you find your weekly and monthly schedule. Natural hair is no walk in the park. All of the hair types have their advantages and disadvantages. No one hair regimen is going to be perfect, but make it perfect for you and your personal hair needs. When creating this regimen you have to also factor in time for deep conditioning. Although you don’t have to deep condition every week its a very important step in your natural hair journey.

4. Eat Properly

Your hair is not about just hair. Many of the changes that happen to our hair are just the effects of what went in our bodies. Having dry hair is a common occurrence with all hair types. In order to keep your hair hydrated, you must keep your body hydrated. You can put all kinds of products in your hair to give them a hydration boost but ultimately, if you don’t take care of your body it will show up and show out. Eating healthy meals can become a bit of a drag when you have lots of work to get done. but there are all kinds of healthy meal planning and healthy eating tips that can help guide you in the right direction.

                                    You can do this natural hair thing!

The Natural hair care industry is saturated with all kinds of products but don’t let that get you off track. There are solutions for almost everything and what you may not find in a article you may find on video. Explore all of your options and take pride in your crown. Teaching my daughter about her natural hair is very important to me. I don’t want her to break her hair off trying to find what really works like I did. I want to make sure that she knows how beautiful she and her hair are. I tell her to wear her crown proudly and now she has other girls around her embracing their hair. Natural hair is beautiful. With the ever changing industry booming, this is the perfect time to take advantage of your Natural Hairducation. Enjoy the natural hair tips and forward march into your natural hair journey, grow on.

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