Yoke Lore- “Hold Me down”


After only listening to a few moments of “Hold Me Down,” I knew I would really dig it. Brooklyn-based, indie spiritual artist, Yoke Lore is inspiring and uses his music for the same. He provides a array of sounds that mesh well in indie-pop. It is a mellow but still intense vibe that you ride like a wave, enjoying the highs and lows.

Everyone wants someone to hold them down in every aspect of this journey called  life. It may just be a special friend who lets you vent about your day, but we all want that special someone to ‘hold us down,’ that why I love Yoke Lore’s “Hold Me Down” track.

Make sure you stay updated with Yoke Lore on his social media. His debuted EP Far Shore is set to release May 6th 2016. This sounds like it is going to be worth the buy.

Don’t wait, Pre-order your copy of Far Shore Now!! 

IG: @yoke_lore

FB: Yoke Lore

Twitter: @yoke_lore


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