10 Tips For Minding Your Yoga Manners

Now a days everyone is doing one or more forms of yoga. Yoga is the best way to get your body in shape without having to do the strenuous workouts that usually happen in the gym. With a lot of yoga newbies joining classes everywhere, there are some things you have to remember. You have to mind your yoga manners. Just like with any other workout class, there are some things that are not considered cool and can ruin a yoga experience for you and/or others in the class with you.Here are 10 simple yoga tips for minding your yoga manners that are sure to come in handy.

1. Don’t be late

Be early. No one wants to start doing relaxation poses and hear a rickety door open. You don’t want to hear someone while they get out gear and into position although it happens from time to time. I understand that sometimes we are tight for time but if this is a habit, you might get chewed out during a polite conversation before, after, or even during class.. You know what I’m talking about, the slick comments about being on time. Bottom line, time is valuable and you need to respect everyone in the space with you.

2. Dress Appropriately

I know yoga clothes can get creative and are growing to be more fun than functional sometimes, but there are things that are just not okay to be shared with strangers. I would rather skip your butt crack and boobs, next sequence please. You want to wear something that is flexible but not tight. Going the cheap route with fitness clothes is not always the best route when it comes to workout but I understand the word budget. You want something affordable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

3. Bring everything you need

You will quickly learn that the yoga studio has everything you need, for a price. Your best bet is to bring whatever you may need with you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like using other peoples mats even if they have been wiped down. Plus, I am comfortable with my yoga accessories. No one really likes to use other peoples stuff anyways. You already know you’ll most likely need a yoga bag, yoga mat, water bottle, towel, and yoga blocks. I say be prepared for anything. You can always get a guideline for the facility you attend for suggested items for their specified class.

4. Leave the strong fragrances at home

I know everyone likes to smell good,  and so do I. I just don’t want to be chocked out by your new fragrance of the week while I’m also trying to calm my spirit and focus on my breathing. Some people have high sensitivities to scents so this is one thing you can cross off your ‘get ready’ items. Depending on the type of yoga class you may be attending they may tell you to avoid all scents.

5. Minimal to no conversation

Yoga is a self healing journey and you can’t reach that point if you are talking or being talked to during the entire yoga class by someone who is not the instructor. Before and after class is more appropriate for conversations not pertaining to the actual pose your working on. I know everyone feels like they are a expert in yoga but if your not leading the class then just stay in your student lane.

6. Remove your shoes

Usually when you enter a yoga studio you leave your shoes at the door but this depends on the studio. I have walked into the studio and once I have laid out all of my yoga items, then I removed my shoes. It doesn’t matter which way it goes, either way,  you will have to remove your shoes. The best alternative to being barefoot is wearing yoga socks. I love the yoga socks because they still have grip on the bottom allowing you not to slip all over the place while trying to do a inversion.

7. Turn off or silence your electronic devices

I know life can get a little crazy sometimes but there is nothing more annoying than the sound of someones notifications on their phone going off during the middle of your yoga session. It always seems to happen as soon as you get super relaxed. If you have to have your phone on, no problem, you need to have it on some silence mode that will keep everyone else from being interrupted while you are being notified multiple times in a row.

8. Respect other peoples mat space

There is no real reason why you should touch someone else’s yoga mat. Make sure you check your space because once you’re in a spot you usually get locked in unless the class is not super full. Touching another persons mat excessively without permission is not acceptable. A persons yoga mat is like their individual bubble and when you interrupt that space you also interrupt their yoga flow.

9. Go to the bathroom before of after the session

Yoga classes range in time but you know how long you have singed up for. Try and use the bathroom before or after a session as to not disturb others in the class with you or the teacher. If you already know that you’re going to have to go to the restroom during class, please make sure you inform the teacher ahead of time and try to be as discrete as possible.

10.  Don’t try to outshine the class

If you are in a yoga class with me I could care less what you have going on unless it is in some way harming me. Don’t come into a class with the ‘step above the rest’ attitude. It’s okay to know more but don’t come in the class trying to tell others how to adjust to a pose without being asked to do so. You definitely don’t want to be the annoying person in class that other people try to block from coming to class by having anyone besides you take the spot.


Yoga is relaxing, fun and a great workout. When you don’t do yoga at home you have the luxury of going to a studio. Going to a studio comes with the rules of the building along with yoga manners. There are manners that aren’t on the list but if you’re in a yoga studio, be mindful of the others around you who are also sharing the space. Watch your yoga manners while in yoga space and enjoy the experience.

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