4/20 Vibes Session

I love 4/20, and music about it. What I love about music is that it’s universal. People feel music before they know the artist. They always know how what they hear makes them feel, I know I sure do.

On a day like 4/20 which is full of feelings, music just seems like the perfect combination. I’m no 4/20 expert but here are some of my 4/20 vibe session jams.

“Pass The Kouchie” Mighty Diamonds, 1982

I’m sure you remember the UK reggae group who did the adaptation “Pass The Dutchie.” I always hear people ask what’s a ‘Kouchie’. Well ask no more, Koutchie is a pot where ganja is kept. And there it is, the answer to the infamous ‘Kouchie ‘ question.

“Legalize It” Peter Tosh, 1976

Peter Tosh is one of my FAVORITES and I must confess that I listen to him every single day. There is nothing like truth in the midst of great vibes. It just does something to your entire outlook and progression a blessing. One of my favorite vibes has to be “I Am, than I Am,” but first I fell in love with “Legalize it.”

You know I couldn’t leave “I Am That I Am” off of this list after telling you how much I LOVE it, no way.

“Stay Fly” Three 6 Mafia, 2005

This vibe is so hype that you can’t sit still. I just played that in my house and everyone exploded from all parts of the house, kids and all. “Stay Fly” is one of many Three 6 Mafia records.

“Because I Got High” AfroMan, 2000

When this vibe came out I was in high school. I remember that there were so many versions of this track done in the halls and on the bus. No matter what, I enjoyed the original the most.


“How High” Redman, and Method Man, 1995

This vibe always made me think that I was down for the get down, what ever I thought that was in 1995.


“Mary Jane” Rick James, 1978

Who doesn’t love this song? I mean for real, we have to be honest here, Rick James was a wild boy but a extremely talented man. This is a classic that will remain ready for play.


“The Weed Song” Bone Thugzs-N-Harmony, 2000

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony had a little piece for everyone in their lyrics and it’s no difference here. “The Weed Song” is a mellow ride, buckle up and take a ride.


“Faded” Tyga ft. Lil Wayne, 2012

“Faded” is a killing it, cause he’s faded. Tyga came up with a great vibe with this one. It does exactly what he wanted it to, move the people. When this song comes on you can always tell who’s the most faded. Keep your head on and stay cool.

“Higher Learning” Young Jeezy Ft. Snoop dogg, Devin The Dude, Mitchelle’l, 2011

Jeezy rarely disappoints and “Higher Learning” was off of the radar.


I know you want more right? Although that’s all that I have this time, there is always more to come. There’s something out there for everyone just like there are all kinds of 4/20 experiences. Don’t get yourself all worked up about the music, just sit back and chill while you roll a fat one.

Add to this list 4/20 List–Comment Below

 You didn’t see your favorite song? Do you know a song that I didn’t list? It’s cool, just leave your songs and comments in the comments below so I can add them to my list and enjoy new ones along the way.


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