Hannah Jane Lewis- “Why Start A War”


Sometimes in relationships communicating gets hard, especially when you are feeling lost within. Songs like “Why Start A War” bring your emotions to life. Lets talk to each other and grow to understand each other instead of fighting until we say or doing something that we may regret.

Hannah Jane Lewis summed up the trials of loving someone and trying to get them to open up and just talk it out. She says “‘Why Start A War’ is about when you really want to help someone you can see is struggling but they won’t let you in. So you kind of have to watch them battle it out in their mind and just be there when it’s over, which can be hard when its someone you’re close to'”.

“Why Start A War” is a great indie pop, real life vibe. After hearing “Why Start A War” I know her EP is going to be full of  vibes that I can get down with. When you’re buzzing like Lewis after only one song release, you know its going to be amazing.

Don’t miss the it! Make sure you keep updated on her EP release. Hannah Jane Lewis is bringing the ear bud vibes and you don’t want to miss that drop in June. Check her out now on her social media and vibe out.

FB: Hannah Jane Lewis Music

IG: @hannahjane001

Twitter: @hannahjane001


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