Turning 30’s Awakening 

In life, everyone hits the ‘point of no return’ when approaching the ‘Dirty 30’. You have already passed the ‘im not sure’ stage or close to the end I hope. Now you’re in the ‘you should know better and it’s time to change’ stage. Growing up, I was the quite hype girl and I’ve grown into the quite, hype women that wants to change the world. 

It’s no surprise that most people want to change their lives more once they reach about the age of 25 (some younger than others), but usually right around that 30 year mark. This is usually when people begin to start their ‘real lives’. I’m talking about the degrees, careers, bills, relationships, kids, and all the other things we have going on. 

Bornday’s (the day we were born), are our inventory season. It’s the time when we all look at how far we have come, where we are going and what has got to go. Well, I am at my ‘what has got to go’ stage of this  self inventory journey.

I hear so many people talk about turning 30 and how all of these things are going to change. It’s as if life will completely stop and you’ll jump into some kind of time warp that puts you in another place and time. I mean really people? Honestly, that’s not really appealing right now. I have just started to get a handle on all of the new things going on now. You know, the every days like marriage, kids, budgets, and schedules.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the life Jah has blessed me with but I’m just like, “What is with all this fine print at the bottom of 30?” Okay, so maybe some of it is not so much fine print as much as it is knowledge that hasn’t been gained. There are so many things that I’m interested in but have not purseudesd becuase of things like fear, time, and money. Well you know what? I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT! Why should I let those things hold me back from doing anything? I am alive, which means I am able to do anything I ask Jah to do. Anything!

I am approaching 30 and I am in the prime of my life. I don’t care about the fine print attached to 30, I only care about living my authentic life with the ones I love, doing the things I love. My authentic life, not the life you think I should be living based on what you have been indoctrinated with, taught in school, heard on the street or read, but the life Jah has ordained. I am not made to be caged up but I was created to travel and touch people. Okay so that was very Gemini of me, but hey, the truth has to be told.

I’m turning my fine print 30’s into my authentic self. At some point you have to keep it totally straight with yourself. If there is any great time in a persons life, why not now? I am in a place in my life where I am ready to cut off the extra foolishness and embrace my future. Fear is not an option and I have people who love and depend on me. They love me for me, my authentic self.

I guess you can say I’m at my ‘Turn Up’ stage and I’m ready to take the world head on. I have grown and now I know how important boundaries are to growth and success. I now know I have to have ‘me time’ alongside my busy schedule in order to not smash my creativeness and personal journey.

I am enjoying my life journeys refueling and ‘Turn Up’ take off. The twenties have been great to me and I have learned many things, but I’m welcoming my 30’s with open arms, a smile, positive vibes and a Bless Up.

Is it just me or what??? Are we going to be honest or are we going to be honest? How do you feel about the ‘Dirty 30’s’? I want to know! Leave your stories and advice below in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Turning 30’s Awakening 

  1. I have visited your site but I haven’t read deep into it! Today I did and found out so much more about you! Awww I am excited about you and connecting more… Welcome to the 30’s… I am glad you are doing what you love to do and I am sorry about your fathers passing! I will going through your post now!

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    1. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my journey. You have helped to motivate me to jump outside of my old box and stomp it to pieces. I hope my truths fan help someone become a better version of themselves and hopefully the trend will continue. Bless Up & Jah Guide

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