Just Don’t Do it!-Pete Peeve

I consider myself a pretty calm person, well, most of the time. This is an area I’m striving to become better in. It takes a lot to get me upset. I have to be honest here, some pet peeves are just rude.

I know you know what I’m talking about, it’s the little annoying things people do. The worst part is, some people have no idea how bad they’re grinding your gears. You have to be straight up with them.

Here are a few of my pet peeves that I hope people just stop doing completely.

  • Calling me with the,  “Hello, oh, let me call you right back.”

This is super annoying, how about you just don’t call me at all. I had to stop in the middle of whatever I was doing just to be apart of your two-man show. Before you call me, you need to have your thoughts in order.

  • Don’t ask to do a project just to start and never follow-up or finish 

Friends like to ask you to help them do projects, from trying new recipes, hair styles, clothing, to even your simple DIY projects. I don’t mind being asked, my issue is with the not following up to get it done part. My time is mine and if I set aside time to help you the least you can do is match my effort to help you.

  • Beating around the bush 

Get to the point! I don’t want to converse with someone who it feels like im pulling teeth just to get to the point. If you want something or need help, ask. If you want me to enjoy a show with you, ask me. These are simple things my parents taught me as a child and I don’t understand having to explain the importance of opining you mouth and speaking but when you do to get to the point.

  • Running your fingers through my hair, or trying to. 

If you don’t know someone you have no right to put your hands on them or their property. I have locs so I understand that people find them rather fascinating, but don’t just randomly touch me or my hair. If I don’t want you to touch my hair, do you really think I would like you running your germ infested fingers through my precious locs. Um, No Thank you!

  • Texting me multiple time back to back before I get the chance to respond

Stop with the ‘I’m bored” back to back text messages. Give me the chance to respond before you do on with your conversation. I mean if you don’t need me to text back in order for you to have a conversation then do that solo dolo, alone.

  • Invite me to go places but you can never make it

– I love to have a good time and I get invited a lot of places. I don’t like or understand inviting someone out with you if you can’t make it. I understand that things come up, but if this is your regular routine then you need to cut it out. You’re going to make people not want to be around you.

These are, like I said before, just a few of my pet peeves that people do daily that get on my last nerve. The way that people are doing foolishness now-a-days it seems that they are doing them on purpose hoping to get you out of character. Whatever you do, keep your cool.

Give people their pet peeve warning and if they continue to do then go ahead and light them up because they’re asking for it. Dont let people stress you out with the foolishness. If you do find yourself needing some help with relaxing, check out these 4 tips to lower your stress.

What are some of your pet peeves that people just continue to do? Tell me about in the comments, we may have more in common than you think.

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