Loc Knots 

I’ve had locs for 3 years. I don’t style my hair much, although I have had my tried my share. When I saw Loc Knots for the first time I instantly thought it was going to be a lot of time and extra rollers or pipe cleaners. Boy was I WRONG!

After my regular wash it took me about 1 hour to complete the style (It helps if you watch a movie or show here, it can become boring quickly. This is the day I realized I need to work more on my upper body yoga poses because my arms were on fire.

Don’t let my weak arms stop you though. Loc Knots are easy, stylish and make having more than one style less time-consuming. Here is what I did to achieve these lovely loc knots and remember, No matter how they look they will be beautiful because you can’t mess up.

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

I used Jamaican Mango & Lime, Clack Castor Oil shampoo. It’s sulfate-free and lather free, ir you want a good lather product I like ShaeMoisture Black Soap shampoo. I like for my hair to be stripped of everything that’s in it. Living in a city where there is a lot of pollen, I don’t want anything left behind on my scalp and in my locs. After you do your wash, you want to make sure to do a treatment with oils and/or conditioners.

Step 2: Do your ‘after wash’ routine/regimen


I tend to have itchy, dry scalp so I make sure to keep my hair hydrated and oiled. After my wash I always do a shake out. This is where you shake your hair to remove the excess water from your hair. I then towel dry and oil my scalp.

I make my own hair oil, its easy and lasts for a long time considering I have three people with locs and 4 natural hair oil users.

My oil contains: vitamin E, tea tree oil, argon oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil, and castor oil. This oil mixture soothes my scalp, and keeps my hair moisturized without being so oily its running down my face.

When oiling you hair, make sure you use the tip of the oil bottle. you want to quickly dab the oil in between your locs all over your head. Next you want to massage the oil into you scalp. I also take a little bit of oil in my hands and rub them onto my locs for shine and extra protection.

Step 3: Section & Start Loc Knotting

Now that my locs are longer the sections make it much easier to deal with during styling. Depending on the style, I section into 4 parts or 2 (straight down the middle). Here is the  Loc Knots Video  I used. Once I make my own I will make sure to update. 

My Finished Loc Knots



Here are my finished Loc Knots and I absolutely them. They are light on my head, have the short bob feel and It easy to maintain. I wrapped my hair to go to sleep just to keep it fresh and plus pillowcases aren’t really that good for your hair unless you get the satin kind. It may be cheaper to just get the satin cap.

How do you do you Loc Knots? I need all of the tips I can get and I never mind sharing mine. Leave your videos, tips/comments and share other natural hair styles.


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