Genaral Encarnacion- “Dont Giv Up” (2) Ft. JahJahMali

I have been anticipating a vibe from Reggae Roots artist Genaral Encarnacion for a while. When I woke up to “Dont Giv Up” I said my prayers and felt like I had been repositioned.

“Dont Giv Up” is a reggae vibe that promotes endurance in life. There will be all kinds of strange things to happen off course but you have to keep on going. You may have lost the love of your life but don’t give up, you deserve more than failure.

Genaral Encarnacion has a voice that will literally melt your clothes off. If you can listen to his music and not feel or be moved then you have a problem. I have been around women and men alike who drop everything and dance when they hear Generals “Dont Giv Up.”

I have been hooked on Genaral Encarnacion becasue he is able to make vibes that everybody will move to. I have never seen the wall being held up while he was playing. Vibes like “Love U So,” “Feel It ,” prove that music can still be full of great vibes.

I can’t wait to hear more from Genaral Encarnacion. Make sure you keep updated with him on his social media.

FB: Genaral Encarnacion


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