Michl- “When You Loved Me Least”

“Dead broke but I refuse to beg,” now there’s a lyric we all can relate to right? You guessed it, I am digging “When You Loved Me Least” by California native, Michl.

Michl, caught everyone’s ears before with “Kill Our Way To Heaven” and here’s another of his ‘so on point’ R&B inspirations. Never mind the titles. He reflects obstacles in his music, allowing listeners to simply ride the wave and encounter hope.

“When You Loved Me Least,” is emotionally filled, with a gloomy mellow feel to match that emotional lyrics. When you’ve hit rock bottom and have had enough of being used, this vibe is a light within a dark space. This is a great ‘getting the hell over it’ track. Sometimes the best thing to do is vibe the pain away and this is perfect for that.

Listen and add Michl to your playlist now. You don’t want to miss what he has coming up. Get his latest updates on his social media and say in the dope music loop.

FB: Michl

IG: @thisismichl

Twitter: @thisismichl

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