6 Unhealthy Habits You Should Give Up To Be Happy

I want to be happy, Don’t you? Bottom line, everyone wants some kind of happiness. The great news is, there are simple habits that can change the way you achieve happiness and how soon. Your happiness can only be achieved by you. In the world of success, this is where healthy habit blinders help you to push through your usual dejavu’ish routine of unhappy and unhealthy habits.

Being happy isn’t about another persons serenity, but your own. Personal happiness affects us in all aspects of our lives. When we’re not happy, it’s hard to be or do anything. We don’t have to be unhappy to be successful in anything we do, we weren’t made for that.

Unhealthy habits are not just about the things you eat when it comes to achieving success, its like yoga, a full mind, body and soul job. Here are 6 unhealthy habits I kicked to become happier ultimately making me more successful.

  1. Complaining

    Life can get out of hand quickly when you’re down. You may look up one day and realize you’re not where you want to be. Who cares? Who are you putting on a show for? If the show is not for yourself then stop it now!

    You can’t sit back in your complaining and expect positive results because complaining is negative behavior. Complaining leads us to do other bad habits, like start the negative self-talk, and dwelling on past behaviors and actions.

  2. Limiting Beliefs

    Don’t limit yourself to one way when we are learning something new everyday. We all have the right to believe what we want but if your belief is in something so limiting that growth is literally impossible then you will suffer dearly.

    You have to be stern in what you believe with the ability to constantly update. Information is constantly being shared, If you have limited your beliefs you won’t be able to grow outside of yourself or help those who do not fit inside of your belief bubble.

  3. Blaming Others/Need For Their Approval

    You don’t need anyone’s approval outside of yourself and God as to why you have decided to do whatever it is that you are doing. You are the only one who can change any of your results. When you start blaming others for their faults in your ordeal, your shiny core gives away to your power. By blaming others, you give your power to others. You own the power to control what you have going on. Blaming any others only gets you more frustrated causing more issues.

    You don’t have to have a permission slip signed by anyone to allow you to live the way you want to so stop giving people permission to control your outcomes. You don’t need their approval to become an amazing person. You don’t give anyone that much control over you and your decisions. If you allow someone to control you that much, before you know it, you will be asking if you can do things like leave a room or sit in a certain chair. Ultimately, blaming others is useless and is a sign that you need to get things in order.

  4. Negative Self-Talk

    When you beat yourself up for the past, wrong doings, not learning as fast as you would like, or any of the stupid little things that can go here, you are tearing yourself down. Whatever you are saying to yourself to make you feel anything less than royal and brilliant, stop it now!

    We hear enough negativity from the outside that there’s no need for us to add any extra negativity on top. The truth is, we make more mistakes than we would like but that’s the only way for anyone to grow and understand. We are learning to understand not to keep useless space and negative self talk is useless space.

    Now that we know we make mistakes, let’s be kinder to ourselves. There is almost no one as tough on us as we are on ourselves. There are times when this is an understatement but none the less the truth is there, you have to be kind to yourself. Mistakes will be made, but we have to learn to make the changes and not dwell too much.

  5. Dwelling on The Past/Resistance To Change

    Dwelling on the past is different for all of us. For some of us it’s something that happened last week while for others it’s something that happened 30 years ago.  Either way anything in the past that keeps us from becoming  a better us we have to let go. Our willingness to give up our lives in order to hold on to past hurts, wrong-doings, negative behaviors/actions only harbor the unwillingness to change into the better you. Dwelling is like punching destiny in the face. Stop punching and take off the gloves already. When you dwell on past faults you are resisting to change into what makes up your destiny. Let go and receive what is meant for you.


    The Need To Impress Others/Always Have To Be Right

You won’t be right 100% of the time so own up to your faults, be yourself and let it be           (it’s not like this is something you haven’t heard of this before right?). Other people             have valid points that can and will be made. Don’t freak out if and when you get told             where to stick it. Plus, those around you can find your ‘always right’ attitude annoying         ass hell very quickly.

There is not such thing as always trying to impress others to me. There is not enough            time to be yourself and morph into what others want. There is a choice you have to                make, your best authentic self or imitation served cold on a platter. Impress others                with your ability to be yourself in a world full of imitation people, and food.

If you implement these simple positive habits in your daily routine I guarantee you will be happier. I went from second guessing myself, negative self talk and dwelling on the pst to presently knowing that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I pride myself on living a positive life and just by changing 6 things I ways set free from the bondage of unhappiness. Set yourself free! What are some other habits that can make life full of happiness?

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