The Benefits Of Jouraling: Write It Out

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved to write. I had everything from the diary to the calligraphy pens. I loved that I could change the style of my writing and I could write about anything that i wanted however I waned. I had full control.

Between the ages of 6-18, we are being pumped with so much information but there aren’t always outlets to get information out, or expressing ourself available, but journaling was always taught as a way to change that. Journaling was a way to bring out all of the feelings that we had been feeling inside about everything.

Journaling is not just for kids and writers.

  • Release of overwhelming information:

People take in a lot of information on a daily basis at a rapid rate. With everyone’s hands glued to their phones there is really no telling as to how much destructive junk we take in on a daily basis. We have to find as many ways to release the same amount or more of the destructive junk! Journaling is a release from all of the overwhelming information that we hold inside without even knowing it. Some of it is useful and learned from but much of it is just straight up extra stuff.

  • Helps with mental disorders:

Sometimes people are dealing with things in their heads that no one knows about. Journaling helps to control moods with can trigger certain mental disorders.

  • Helps to control stress

It always seems easier to hold in your issues and not let them out, plus, You don’t want no one all up in my business right? Well, when you write down what happened in your day that may have stressed you out it is a form of stress reduction. This allows you to stay clam and make better decisions when going forward because you had the chance to write it out, uninterrupted.

  • Promotes positive problem solving

When you take the time to write thing down you your thoughts are uninterrupted. Without any distractions you are able to think your way through your feelings. You are able to clearly write your problem, and solutions.

Journaling is easy and is something many of u already do on our phones. For the rest of you who haven’t started yet or are falling behind, grab your favorite journal from the nearest store and start to write it out, it may save your life.

Here are some helpful journaling tips that can help you get started.

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