5 Benefits of Partner Yoga: Help A Sista Out.

Partner Yoga is the motivation and support we need sometimes. It pushes us to prove that we can do all things we put our minds to. You are not in this yoga journey alone. Although yoga is usually a solitary behavior, it doesn’t have to be. I have always thought of my yoga time as my personal time, as I’m sure many yogi’s do, but practicing with others has great benefits for you and your partner.

Doing partner yoga doesn’t have to be only between couples. Although it’s amazing sharing the yoga experience with your significant others, the truth is, not everyone is in a intimate relationship. Don’t worry about the relationship part, it called partner yoga not spouse yoga. Grab your closest friend (or any friend you chose), your yoga gear, a great yoga challenge and get started.  Here are the simple benefits of doing partner yoga.

1. Builds Trust

Communication is important in any relationship and the same is true in yoga. You have to be able to trust the other person not to harm you or themselves. They’re doing this while simontaniously giving you the needed support for the pose.

In order to practice with ease, you have to trust that you will achieve your fitness goals without injury. Practicing anything with others can be scary but how well you can truth your yoga partner changes that experience.

2. Creates a shared experience

Going with friends to the gym is hard work and it’s just not for everyone. Partner Yoga allows for you both to relax and get actively fit. Health wellness isn’t easy. Being able to share the experiences of the journey helps ease the transition. When you share time, space and experiences with people especially those you love, you always grow closer. Exercises like partner yoga helps learn each other more.

3. Gives a sense of balance

When we exercise alone we tend to do one of three things: quit, over do it or not push enough. Doing yoga with a partner helps give balance to the practice and your workout ethic. Now you’ll get the perfect posture and a perfect practice that really suits your needs.

4. Enhances spiritual, physical, & Emotional Support

Many times in life we think we have to do things alone.  Sometimes we must be in solitary, but most of the time we choose to push others away until we “get ourselves together.” Pushing others away while your going through a major spiritual or physical journey makes you become an emotional wreck.

Don’t beat yourself up in silence, gain peace through the support  from those around you. The people around you want to see you progress and do well, let them!

The same way you encourage your friends and family to keep doing well, they want to return the favor. You never know, they may need to help you, to help them.

You get the best of all worlds, spiritual, physical and emotional when you have a partner that you trust to be positive and uplifting.

5. Pushes you to get physical

It never fails, if I’m working out with friends I always go into beast mode. I love a good competition. It’s like their energy pushes me to strive a little higher than normal. I can’t be the only one right?

You and your sistas get to help another sista out. By being their motivation to practice more or become more conscious of their fitness and eating habits.

These are only five of the many reasons that doing partner yoga is beneficial. The main goal is to have fun with your partners and get healthy! You can sign up for the daily challenge updates here.

Make sure you’re doing everything in moderation and staying hydrated. Having balanced meals and snacks will allow for you to stay energized throughout the day. You and your partner can help to keep each other on track. Here are some healthy recipes that you may enjoy. 

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