Day 2 #sistayogachallenge – Warrior Friends

The things I heard crack and pop while practicing today were a little scary for my sister. Especially after seeing me go through a major surgery just a month ago. The relief of pressure in my lower back was simply amazing. Today’s pose is Warrior Friends Pose. 

Leg strength will be put to the test when you’re doing this pose. It’s all good until your about to fall over while holding hands with your sista. That leg strength and core power kicks in real quick.

Benefits of the Warrior Friends Pose are:

  • Strengthens legs
  • Opens chest and hips
  • Develops concentration 
  • Balance 
  • Improves circulation 
  • Energizes body 

The Warrior Friends Pose is just like the name says, the warrior pose with friends. This pose is not as easy as it looks but it improves concentration a million. It’s already hard alone so the help of your sista comes in handy here, especially when you’re just beginning. 

There is more to this yoga pose than just the actions. Make sure that you are also staying hydrated. You want your body to become flexible and that can only be achieved by taking in lots of water.  Think of it this way, the more fluids in the body, the more flexible the body can become. 

How are you and your sista coming along with the #sistayogachallenge? Share your photos with me and the rest of the yoga life gang on IG. Keep the yoga questions and challenge invites coming. I’m loving it! Bless Up and Jah guide my beautiful people. 

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