Day 3 #sistayogachallenge: Twin Dragons Pose

I am seriously loving this challenge! My little sister is so fun to hang out with and doing this #sistayogachallenge gave us another reason to chill out together. She loves a great workout so yoga wasn’t to hard for her. We held each other up as we laughed and fell around laughing. Today is day 3 of the #sistayogachallenge and our pose for today is the Twin Dragon Pose.

The Twin Dragons Pose was not as strenuous as some of the other poses that are coming and others that we have had in the past. If you have knee issues I suggest that you use a yoga bock for support getting up and down. Once you’re on the ground your partner will be able to better assist you. This pose makes you have to depend on your partner. Even for those if us who think we are in super great shape, it feels better when we workout with others. Don’t get shy here, ask for help, get help and give help. That’s simple enough right?

Some benefits of the Twin Dragons Pose are:

  • Hip and groin opener
  • Improves balance
  • Conscious breathing
  • Improves posture
  • Stretches the ankles and Achilles tendons
  • Tightens booty✔️✔️✔️

The Dragons Pose is easy and fun. Even if you have knee or back injuries this pose will help alleviate tensions and make your day. How are you and your sista coming along with the #sistayogachallenge? Share your photos with me and the rest of the yoga life gang on IG. Keep the yoga questions and challenge invites coming. I’m loving it! Bless Up and Jah guide my beautiful people.

Published by Matr3moni

Matr3Moni is a Wellness Lifestyle Blogger, certified Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. Being a mom of 3 stops this mom from doing nothing, while she's achieving everything without apologies.

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