Day 5 #sistayogachallenge – Double Pretzel Pose 

Only 10 more days and the #sistayogachallenge will be over. If you are just joining it’s okay, just jump in and get it yoga’d out. Today’s pose is the Double Pretzel and it’s sure to get you all wrapped up with your sista. While sitting with legs crossed you and your sista will lock hands in a pretzel-like way.

The Double Pretzel pose is great for those who have lower back and tight hips. If you have other issues such as your knees this pose can be modified, the pretzel legs pose. Pull your right foot towards you until your knee lines up with the center of your mat. Your foot should rest out to the left side of your hips. Next, swing your left leg over your right leg.
Make sure you’re not sitting on your right foot. If they aren’t equally weighted on the floor, put a block or book under your hips.

Twisting to far around can cause stress on the back. Although you don’t want to twist too far all at once, you want to work on your range as you progress in your training.

Here are some benefits of the Double Pretzel Pose.

  • Lower back relief
  • Help readjust posture
  • Develops focus, balance and concentration
  • Larger range of motion
  • Tension relief

We are 5 days in and its gets better from here. Make sure you are keeping your sista motivated to keep going and also keep each other on track with eating and drinking habits. If you aren’t drinking 8 or more glasses of water per day then now is the time to get yourself on some kind of hydration schedule. The more hydrated you are the more flexible your body can become. Our bodies are made up of about 60%-75% of water. The more you take in the more you are able to move and bend fluidly.

Your pictures and advice has been amazing. Thank you all for participating and lets keep getting ourselves and the ones we love healthy. Keep sharing information because you know sharing is caring. I love you all my beautiful people, Bless Up and Jah Guide.

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