Day 6 #sistayogachallenge – Sea Saw Pose

We are getting through these days quickly. Today is day 6 of the #sistayogachallenge with the Sea Saw pose. 

Sea Saw pose is a sitting pose and fun once repeated like a Sea Saw.


Some of the benefits of the Sea Saw pose are:

  • Lower back stretch
  • Back of legs stretch
  • Core engagement 
  • Oneness with your partner 
  • Shoulder opening 

The Sea Saw Pose made me feel like I was a teenager agian working out with my little for fun. Although it was fun the lose joints was amazing afterwards. If you have any injuries you can definitely modify this pose of you need. 

Keep the yoga tips coming and I will keep sharing. I’m loving the support and participation with the #sistayogachallenge and I can’t wait to see more. Make sure you tag us so we can support you and your sista. Bless Up and Jah Guide my beautiful people. 

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