Day 9 #sistayogachallenge- Double Dancer Pose

We only have 6 more days before this sista yoga challenge comes to an end. Today’s pose, the Double Dancer pose is quick, easy and a great strengthener.  I wish I was able to open more through my back but that’s one thing I have to work on. Dancers Pose is one of the poses that I need to work on and it made for a great stretch with my little sister today.

Some benefits of Double Dancer Pose are:

  • Develops sense of balance and focus
  • Stretches thighs and shoulders
  • strengthen spine and legs
  • Releases tension in feet

You don’t have to look exactly like the challenge picture because we are all at different yoga stages and even if you start at the exact time and place as someone else the journey is always solely you. My goal for the next few months is to become more flexible. With that being said, poses like Double Dancers pose are great to improve flexibility, strength, and focus. I know we all want to wake up and become yogi of the world but it takes practice and that’s where we don’t need to slack.

Another place we should slack is on our plates and in our cups. I can’t stress enough the importance of balanced meals. I know it much easier to stop and get something quick but we have to make better body decisions. Staying hydrated is something I stress a lot because it is so very important. The more water you drink the more results you see in your flexibility and the way your body feels overall.

Make sure that you stay connected with the me and the #sistayogachallenge. If you haven’t joined, you still have time. Just grab your yoga mat, sista/partner and the challenge schedule just in case you don’t remember all of the poses. As always, Bless Up and Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

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