Day 10 #sistayogachallenge- Lean On Me Pose

Today is a great day to lean. After the last 9 days of work its great to have a mini rest day with todays #sistayogachallenge pose, Lean On Me. Sometimes all we need in a shoulder to lean on and today is that day.

Benefits of Lean On Me Pose:

  • Strengthens Core Concentration
  •  Focus on feet placement
  • Focus on Breathing
  • Opens Shoulders

I can’t stress enough that you and your yoga practice are about your personal growth. Please don’t compare your progression to others, they can never measure up to each other. Remember that your sista/partner is not in a competition with you. They are practicing with you for the same reason you are with them, to help/motivate and get help/be motivated.

You know I can’t let you go without reminding you to get your daily balanced meals and water intake up. Don’t kill yourself to eat foods that will kill you, rather, eat foods that give you life. You can’t get flexible and gain strength when your body is fighting dehydration. Let’s stay calm and make healthier decisions. Whatever you do, make sure it’s going to make you a better you. Bless Up and Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

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