Braided Loop Loc Maintenance Method

I started doing the Braided Loop Loc Method (BLLM) about 2 years ago. It was during the early stages of my locs and I still had no real regimen down. I watched a lot of videos on using crotech needles as well as more traditional ways like palm rolling. No matter what, I still didn’t like something about them or how the made my hair feel.

One day I decided to just try something out and if it works great but at least im at home to fix it if I need to. After the first one I saw a difference and once I was finished the compliments rained in. No one believe that I had done my maintenance at home without the other usual methods. No one believed that I hadn’t twisted them.

I know that there is a lot of contradictory information about natural hair that can get confusing, especially when you don’t know exactly where to start. If you don’t have a regular hair care regimen, get one today. Your hair can do some miraculous things but you have to treat it properly. When it comes to your hair, it’s not just about what you put on your hair but also what you put in your body that effects your hair.

Here are the easy steps to achieve my easy Braided Loop Loc Method.

Step 1: Section & Oil hair


Step 2: Separate the loc root into 3 parts (one may be made of new growth alone)


Step 3: braid the root leaving enough room end of the braid to loop the loc through


Step 5: Take the end of the loc and loop it through the finger hole below the braided portion.

Step 6: pull the loc up and through the finger hole.   


 It’s just that simple. Plus your hair isn’t bein jerked around in the process.


After I started to use this technique I notice my hair growing faster alongside my regular hair care regimen. Not only is my hair growing but I only have to do this method about once a month.

I started this method because I was tired of my thinning, weak hair. I felt that the constant twisting was making my roots struggle to hard. Locs for me is no hairstyle but a lifestyle. With that in mind, I chose to find a long term path for healthy loc maintenance without breaking the bank. 

I haven’t looked back and my hair has been growing like wild-fire. Using my Braided Loop Loc Method is not a sure win for growing your locs. This method can help aid you, but you still have to make sure to keep up your hair care regimen, keep a healthy balanced diet and drink LOTS of water. 

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