Loc Maintenance: To Twist Or Not To Twist

I have had locs for 3 & 1/2 years now and I learn something new about my hair all the time. Over the years I have gone through a few stylists but it never worked because I have a thing about people touching my hair. (No it’s not the random people touching my hair thing, although I am pondering “why do you need to touch my hair randomly ?”) If I decide to get my hair styled, I usually do it myself or go to my 2 old faithfuls who hold me down every time.

I don’t like people to touch in my hair but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a hairstylist if you want. I made a personal choice not to be touched and honestly it does my spirit a great justice. There are great people out there who will truly care for your hair but you have to do your research.

Loc Maintenance has always been a struggle for me. There are so many ways to do everything that I felt like I was diving into deep, dark, water without direction. One day I decided that I would stop listening to everyone else for a moment and listen to my hair. One question remained, “Do I twist or not twist for maintenance?” My answer, not twist.

I do not twist my locs. Instead I use my own Braided Loop Loc Method, the name says it all. It is a lot less stressful than even simple methods like palm rolling on the hair.

After years of using my Braided Loop Loc Method I can say with assurance that this will help with your loc maintenance, loc repair and starter locs.

Do you have any Loc Maintenance that you know works, share it here with me. I love to get great information and share it as well. Comment below leaving your favorite Natural Hair Care tips. Bless Up & Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

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