The Pheels- “French Toast”


Oh, My, WOW! The eargasmic vibes I just experienced from “French Toast” would be considered so selfish If I didn’t share.  Not only am I hungry now, but I am also very intrigued and ready for more from Atlanta duo, Curtis Fields & Phil Jones, The Pheels. They are exactly what I have been waiting for.

Although reminiscent of another dope Atlanta duo, OutKast, The Pheels bring their own captivating sensual R&B, psychedelic vibe that’s guaranteed to grab and move you..

You know I could help but listen to everything The Pheels right? It’s so addictive, but here is more from The Pheels. Like the title says, “Get to know The Pheels”.


Keep your eyes open for their next move. If you’re in Atlanta like I am then you surely have your eyes to the sound waves. Stay updated through their social media


FB: The Pheels

IG: @thepheels_

Twitter: @ThePheels_

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