Life Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: Bow

Bow Pose teaches us that we can be extremely flexible, allowing us to be able to redirect out energy positively to do anything we put our minds to.

There will be many things that will not go your way in this lifetime. I’m sure by now you have already figured that out. No matter whats going on there is something you can always do to make every situation better. You have to know that you bend and not break.

Bending and not breaking does not mean you bend so much that you turn into some unknown form. Instead you know your boundaries,  and you know you will succeed no matter what.

Strength is not solely about physical strength; Mental and spiritual strength are important and play a major part in your ability to succeed and achieve higher than you ever thought that you could.

Today I challenge you to get your 3 life balances together, Your mental, physical and spiritual.

Take today’s Life Lesson Of A Yoga Pose, Bow Pose, and get yourself where you know you should be in life. Bless UP & Jah Guide My Beautiful People.


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