Khalil Madovi-“Knowledge” (prod. Knxwledge)


Like they say, “Knowledge is Power” and Khalil Madovi pushes this track right no matter how you put it. This young, black brother is making waves in all directions. In a time when the world seems to dislike melanin  and proves it through senseless crimes against us “Knowledge” gives us a push to make change.

“Knowledge” is not your usual trendy track in which you have no idea what they are truly  talking about. Madovi is encouraging positivity with the usage of his own witty lyrics which help to entice others to use their minds far beyond they current capacities.

Madovi doesn’t sugar coat the truth and thats somethig that that it worth listening to. If you are just looking for dope music this will surpass your view and bring you over to the side of knowledge. You’re going to hear a lot from Madovi especially if you love great music.

Check ot more from the insanely talented Khalil Madovi. You can find his latest updates on his social media but you have to keep your eyes and ears open.

IG: @khalilmadovi

Twitter: @KhalilMadovi 

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