Summertime Stories- “Love Muse”

Atlanta’s own, Philip Oteka, aka Summertime Stories seems to hit the right notes every single time. It’s like hearing the most perfect balances of pitch from of all of your favorite songs, at once. Summertime Stories has his way of taking you for a ride of your own through each note if you let him.

“Love Muse” begins with majestic like bells as if to signal all of your bodies senses’ to get ready for what’s about to happen. The highs and lows all make you feel different and is sure to make you hit the repeat button, maybe even more than once.

I was instantly taken back to what I called “sexy music” as a kid. The love is a vibe felt right through your speakers and is refreshing- Just being able to receive and give love.

If you’re a real music lover, then Summertime Stories is a must have for your playlist. Keep your ears open for more from him on his social media.

Instagram: @phillipoteka

Twitter:  @Summertimestory

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