Lily Elise-“Let Me Down”(Feat. MADE IN LA)


If you’re going to be let down as seductively as Lily Elise sounds, then maybe that’s the way to go. Lily Elise is no new comer to the music game. She is back to make your headphones become permanent.

“Let Me Down,” produced by Made in LA, showcases Elise’s’ vocals as simply irresistible. She makes the listener yearn for more; her kind of hurt sounds so good to the ear.  This track comes after her EP Oliver which sent chills up my spine.

  Lily Elise has the attitude to match the vocals and that’s a beautiful thing. Her growth while in the music game has been foreseeable and amazing especially with an mentor like Christina Aguilera. Every time Elise releases a new track we get to see a little more of the mystery reviled.

Go ahead and add Lily Elise to your playlist. Don’t miss what Elise has coming up next. Check her out on her social media for all of her latest updates

IG: @lillianaire

TW: @LilyElise

YT: Lily Elise Official

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