I hear people say regularly that they “need time to relax and unwind after a hard day.” Well, I’m one of the other people. I have to Yoglax after, during, and before a hard day.

Yoglax is yoga and chillaxin’. For many athletes the same can be true for running, swimming, climbing, or other physical exercise that causes your body to relax and your mind to unload.Yoga+Chillax=

I began doing yoga in college and it quickly became the only way that I was able to stay physically,  spiritually and mentally fit. The more I did yoga the more it became a daily necessity. I soon recognized that I began to crave yoga when I wasn’t able to do it- I need to yoglax daily.

You many not be as anal as I am about yoga but you can always find an exercise you love to fill in that void. Staying healthy is important and being active is no longer a suggestion. If you don’t move you will become a ball of pain because that’s the way the our bodies were made.

Don’t kill yourself trying to do some extra hard yoga moves that may not be what you need, get started slow. Here are 5 Sitting poses to gain flexibility

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