Kileza- “Never Knew A Thing”


“Never Knew A Thing” is a broken heart melody that we can all relate to. Singer-songwriter and producer, Kileza makes her pain sound so angelic. The simplicity of the first verse sets the tone for the entire track as an empowering pain that transforms your heart for better or worse.

“Never Knew A Thing” is one of the great vibes from her album A Berlin Winter, which was written during Berlin’s longest and coldest winters in 50 years. Kileza’s ‘psychadelic R&B’ style is a roller coaster of dope vibes. There isn’t one track that doesn’t grab your attention or give you goose bumps.

Get more from Kileza from her social media. She loves to give her fans a piece of her soul and her arms are wide open for social media hugs and kisses. Check her out live!


FB: Kileza

IG: @musicbykg


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