Duran- “Almost Perfect” (prod. by Marc Real)


I absolutely dig this dope track “Almost Perfect.” Stargazers: The Preamble, is the latest from Duran including “Almost Perfect.”  In life where the easiest things are also the hardest things,  the ‘almost perfect’ title is perfect.

Duran, a Maryland rapper-songwriter, is an evolutionary and doesn’t fit the super hard mold of hip-hop. His style is refreshing and needed in a cookie cutter industry. I love the fact that Duran isn’t afraid to step outside of the normal ‘music boundaries’ and play into his true self.

“Facing all these problems as I go, but going through those problems helps me grow.”

“Almost Perfect” has a freaking amazing delivery and the lyrics are on point from top to bottom. The insight into daily life, and hardships we all face along the way, is on point. It quickly hooks listeners into a state of self-awareness. Add Duran’s “Almost Perfect” to your playlist, he’s on my ‘daily get your mind right’ playlist.

Get more dope music and updates from Duran  on his social media.

FB: Duran 

IG: @iam_duran

TW:  iAm_Duran


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