Connie Constance- Lose My Mind


How about a voice that can stop you in your tracks! Connie Constance, London singer-songwriter, made me listen, literally sucked me in with her voice through a straw. “Lose My Mind” has kicked over the buckets of F*cks given to the high ranged only tracks on the radios. I LOVE IT!

Constance has a spirit that you can feel through her vocals and her lyrics push it over the edge. “Lose My Mind” has a jazz filled, swing era distinction in vibes. It’s easy to visualize Constance on the stage with a single microphone and small band while you sip your drink, enjoying the vibes.

When Constance dropped “Answer” a few months ago I knew then that she was a vocal goddess and she continues to prove me right.

Check out more from Connie Constance on her social media and keep your ears open for her next release.

FB: Connie Constance

IG: @itsconniesworld

TW: @ItsConniesWorld

YT: Connie Constance


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