Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge Day 19: Warrior 1 Pose

Jah Guide. Welcome to Day 19 of the Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge. A challenge about your personal growth. Personal growth here is your mental, physical and spiritual journey to a better healthy you.

Yesterdays Pose, Bound Extended Side Angle, really snapped me back into motion. I had to push myself to go past where I thought I could go and it was amazing.

Warrior 1 Pose


How To Warrior 1:

  1. Start in Mountain pose standing straight up with your hands by your sides. Spread your feet about 4 to 5 feet apart.
  2. Turn your right foot toes towards the front of your mat in a 90 degree angle. Your left foot should be in a 45 degree angle with your left foots toes pointing towards the left side of your mat.
  3. Exhale while your bring your right knee over your right ankle.
  4. Reach your arms up towards the ceiling lifting your chest and lengthening your spine. You want to gaze straight through your thumbs.
  5. To end the pose lower your hand to the floor, place both feet together and come down into table pose.

*Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute on both sides*


  • Instead of lifting your hands in the air you can always place then on your hips
  • strengthens the legs and arms
  • Opens your hips an chest
  • helps with balance and concentration


Vibe Of The Day (#VOTD):

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