Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge Day 31: Relaxed Downward Facing Dog

Jah Guide. Welcome to Day 31 of the Vibe & Flex Yoga Challenge. A challenge about your personal yoga growth. Personal yoga growth here is your mental, physical and spiritual journey to a better healthy and flexible you.

Yesterday’s pose, 3 legged dog, is one of the many variations of today’s pose. So if you had a little trouble yesterday, or you enjoyed it as much as I did, today will help you get a grasp on the full pose without the leg in the air; For some it will push you to deepen your stretch.


relaxed downward facing dog pose


  • Relief from stress, anxiety, back pain, poor digestion, and headaches
  • Stretches your entire body
  • Rejuvenates your nervous system and boosts energy
  • help you to get use to your body weight on your hands and wrists (This will help with inversions where you use your hands as your feet and vise versa).

How To Relaxed Downward Facing Dog Pose:

  1.  Start on your hands and knees, you’ll want to align your wrists with your shoulders and your knees with your hips. Point your middle fingers towards the front of your  mat to help straighten your alignment.
  2. Exhale and lift your knees pointing your pelvis up towards the ceiling. (Do not lock your knees out).
  3. Step both of your feet together making sure to keep your arms and legs straight.
  4. Allow your weight to rest in your hands (distribute equally between your wrists, fingertips and palms.

* Hold for 7-20 breathes. Concentrate on consciously counting your breathes, inhale and exhale.*


  • If your left heel doesn’t touch the ground, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to. You can place a yoga block or towel to bridge in the gap.
  • If it is too much weight for your hands, you can instead bend your knees releasing some of the pressure.
  • For a deeper stretch you can take it back up a notch with the “3 Legged Dog Pose” from yesterday ; I found myself starting off in relaxed Downward Facing Dog and ending in the “3 Legged Dog Pose.”

Vibe Of The Day (#VOTD):

Get More Courtnie!

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