Shoulder Stand teaches us that we can bear the entrusted gifts we were born with; We straighten our crowns, hold our heads high and believe. 

When I began practicing yoga, I never thought I would be able to do any of it. I actually chuckled when I signed up for the class as a college credit, especially considering that I am an Historian. Once I let go of my inhibitions and trusted my inner strengths, I realized that you cant hide from yourself.

Hiding from yourself is like trying to hide from your shadow on a sunny day. To hide from yourself in putting the authentic you in a shade (pun intended), while you cast out the imitation version of you. Why go through all of that when you were born with everything you need to win!

Shoulder Stand, encourages us to let our inner strengths spark our souls on fire, allowing our truth to shine through. Straighten your crown, and hold your head high! The things you said you could never do are the very things you should do. Many times, we talk ourselves out of being the change we want to see because it’s uncomfortable and sets us apart from everyone and everything around us– You’re absolutely right. You are set apart from everyone and everything else so so us what you’ve got.

Take today’s Life Lesson Of A Yoga Pose, Warrior III Pose, and get yourself where you know you should be in life. Bless UP & Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

Published by Matr3moni

Matr3Moni is a Wellness Lifestyle Blogger, certified Life Coach, and Yoga Instructor. Being a mom of 3 stops this mom from doing nothing, while she's achieving everything without apologies.

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