Fall Into The”Fresh-Start Effect”+ 30 Day Challenge To Get You Started

We all need a fresh start sometimes: A chance to get rid of bad habits. Maybe to dive into a new passion, start a new habit or just take a moment to get a hold on life. I like to think of it as a life reboot; A chance to change the way you think and do life.

I must admit, working from home was a big fear until recently. Now that I see my role at home as significantly important, it has become clear that working from home is like jumping into a mega ball pool full of blessings. I can create a routine that suites my needs, and the ability to switch things up when I need to (unlike if I was working 9 to 5). Changing my views of staying at home opened my mind to changing the way I live it as well.

The “fresh-start effect,” is a technique used to positively redirect your life by making progress with our goals. Most people do this kind of thing around the New Years, but they always seem to add a lot of extra pressure for me. Too much pressure will make anything burst, defeating the purpose of change. I want to succeed, and the “fresh-start effect” is a change in broken patterns. Without the pressures of the ‘New Year, New You’ theme ringing in my ears, I am more willing to go through the changes, even the ugly ones.

One thing about change, you always have to get rid of something;

Some things you like and some things you don’t.

My first change is going to be to do the INTO MIND Minimalism Challenge, starting October 1. I am a little nervous about this challenge because it includes things like Day 1, Stay offline. YIKES!!! I mean really-I want to see whats going on out there, and what easier way than getting online. The great thing about this challenge is that I wont be doing anything super drastic. I am merely adding things into my life that serve a better purpose and taking away things that don’t.

Minimalism is all about living intentionally while getting rid of things that serve no purpose. This doesn’t mean trying to make broken things better. Its time to let go of habits that may be hindering your growth in the long run and replace them with something that adds a healthy validity.

I am stepping outside of my comfort zone with this one. This October I am moving in a new direction by starting from scratch. It’s time to step into this new stage of life with confidence and a plan (or maybe a semi-plan but that’s better than nothing).

I wont guarantee that I will post daily, but there will be updates. There may be some videos and I will be diving into Facebook a lot more. Get more on my “fresh-start effect on Facebook  and Matr3Moni Youtube channel . Get more about the INTO MIND Minimalism Challenge along with more helpful tips.

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