The Power Of Intentional Living +30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Hello My Beautiful People. Now that fall is here, we have to talk about how to get into the swing of things. It no secret that it’s usually colder longer than it is warmer so that means lifestyle changes based on weather alone. It’s never too late to get rid of that old stuff and embrace the new-physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now is a great time to try techniques like the “fresh-start” effect to start intentionally living the life you want; .

I love the seasonal changes. It’s a breath of fresh air. Every Fall I find myself doing a fall routine: packing away summer clothes, putting fall and winter clothes in the closets, dust, rearrange furniture, plan seasonal meals, plan workout schedule, etc. This year I want to see the other side of my good intentions, intentional living.

Have you ever wondered what you would be doing if you weren’t scrolling your social media timelines?  So before you jump down my throat, I totally get that most jobs require some usage of social media or even the fact that your just socially active. If you happen to find yourself awake at 3 am liking 3 week old pictures, maybe there’s room for some healthy improvements. Let me be clear, there is full emphasis on healthy in that statement but let’s not forget we’re doing these things on purpose.

When I was a kid I had my favorite things to play with or to do. I would read a book, paint, or even play with an Lite Brite Magic Screen. Where did this disconnect from these kinds of simple things happen and the connect to the device begin? It’s time to take a step back so you can find your true intentions and create a healthy lifestyle perfect for you.

In order to reign in the power of intentional living, you have to create healthy habits (mental, physical and spiritual). Really get down to the rawness of your intentions and let that blossom into something beautiful.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to do all this intentional changing alone, so I began to search the web for some direction. Luckily, I came across a Minimalism Challenge. There are tons of challenges out there, this one was simple and already put together for me-less work sounds great.  Doing a challenge like this is easier because you can make your intentions clear and solid.

Okay, so the Minimalist Challenge is a declutter your life challenge. If you have ever felt like you just needed to start over fresh and get it together, this is perfect for you. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, test the theory. This challenge gives you the room to create the intentional habits you want, slowly, eliminating the extra distractions from your life one day at a time.

I picked October because, honestly, why wait until January to start living the intentional life, right? Time stands still for no one and I say lets get it cracking.  Comment on how this challenge is going for you.

If you don’t quite understand this minimalism thing or want a better understanding, check out  INTO MIND. They have a great website full of information. There’s a day-by-day break down of this 30 day challenge that is helpful in easing your pre challenge jitters. Jah Guide.

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