Life Lessons Of A Yoga Pose: Cobra

Cobra pose teaches us to dig deeper; Stretch your body, acquire a mental elevation, and feel a energy bigger than you.  

The Cobra pose is one of the very first yoga poses I ever learned, it has never let me down. Is is like a Earth, Wind & Fire song on a mat, a classic that always gives me dope vibes.

It takes us some scary intentional movements to become bigger than ourselves. It hard to allow yourself to not be in control. Our spirits carry energies that can transform anything if we allow it. When you decide to make the change in your mind, your body will follow.

Cobra pose encourages us to slow down, listen, and dig deeper. On those days when you’re wondering to yourself, “Why am I doing any of this?,” listen to that vibe pushing you to dig a little deeper. Don’t doubt your ‘yogition’, or your downplay your wisdom. You can go beyond where to left off, but you may have to be uncomfortable for a moment.

Let go of your fears and become comfortable in your truth, stretch and grow into your virtuousness.

Take today’s Life Lesson Of A Yoga Pose, Cobra Pose, and Bless Up & Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

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