Let Go Of The FOBO & Live The Life You Deserve

It’s time you live the life you deserve. Fear Of Better Options, FOBO, is something effecting so many of us but we are clueless. I’m talking about the times you seriously have a plan with everything laid out, then suddenly a unknown fear kicks in and you back out. That fear, is of you being afraid to do better than you ever imagined, aka the better options.

Don’t think for one moment that you don’t deserve the cards your dealt, you do.

First, know that what is for you, is for you and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. When you were born you were given gifts. Sometimes they may seem scattered, not useful in your field or even too much for you to deal with but that’s where the work comes in.

Next, stop doubting yourself, you are freaking amazing! So what if you didn’t so something perfect that others recognize you or your worth, that’s not for them to do. Self doubt is plaguing many people now-a-days that it has become completely normal, but it’s not. Love yourself so much it makes others love you by default.

Get to know yourself, get uncomfortable and grow through the change. You don’t have to be afraid of being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is a step in the direction of authenticity. Once you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will begin to move mountains.

Know your worth, YOU determine it.  You can’t make others treat you how you want to be treated, without first treating yourself right. Set your boundaries, and always mover forward. When you go farther than you expected, you’ve hit a JACKPOT!

Here are a few quick tips that help me get through through those fears:

  1. Write a short ten item list of things you want to do but are afraid to do, nothing to drastic. Next, spend the next month crossing off a few things a week. This allows you to face those fears in small doses building up your immune system for the bigger fearful triggers.
  2. Shift your perspective! Think about the things you fear from the other side and write it down. What would you do if you weren’t afraid to do those ten things, how would you handle them?
  3. Stay in the now. Don’t worry about what happened last time to “tried it”. New day, new experiences, and new ways of handling what comes at you.

The next time you find yourself in a FOBO state of mind, remember these quick tips to kick fear in the butt and soar. Do you have other ways to conquer FOBO?

2 thoughts on “Let Go Of The FOBO & Live The Life You Deserve

    1. FOBO is a tricky little sucker that bites us from time to time. Techniques like the 3 seconds rule, helps you make better decisions in less time, thus cutting out some of the anxiety. It’s awesome that you’ve gained some clarity among the fear. Jah Guide.

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