3 Day, ‘3 Second Rule’ Challenge- Dig Deeper


Have you ever heard of the ‘3 Second Rule’? I hadn’t either until reading  ‘3 Second Rule’ As Soon As You Feel It, Do It. I never realized the many urges I get throughout the day to do something. You know what I’m talking about, that little moment of “I need to, I should, or I want to.”

You don’t have time to waste thinking about what you could or should be doing, when you’re doing. Stop holding in those “I need, I should or I want to” feelings. When those spikes of energy burst through your body you have to answer the calling quick or you risk not ever doing it. Give yourself 3 seconds to do it or not do it.

The 3 day, 3 second rule challenge is the perfect way to start answering that call from within. With every urge you get throughout the day, give yourself 3 seconds to do it or not do it. You have to make the decision in those 3 seconds. It will be a challenge at first but it will bring things to your attention about yourself that you may otherwise overlook.  

 Working from the inside out, starting with those pesky serial killers of life, Overthinking and Procrastination, gives you the freedom to dive deeper into your Healthy Lifestyle.  When you’re staring your mistakes in the eyes it can be overwhelming, but if you take it slow through the sludge, you can burst through to the other side of a Healthier you.

“To be Healthy, you have to keep your mind, body and soul positively engaged.”

You have to find a way to dig deeper within yourself to exert positive actions, and reactions, into your daily routines. Adding just one positive thing to your daily routine can change your entire outlook. When your mind, body and soul are in sync it makes everything else a piece of cake. That’s what you call real serenity (it only comes from within). Use the 3 day 3 seconds challenge to help you gain the freedom you deserve! Bless Up & Jah Guide.


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