UPDATE #2: 30 Day INTO MIND Minimalism Challenge

Hello My Beautiful People! It’s time for a 30 Day INTO MIND Minimalism Challenge update. This challenge has become a real eye opener for me. All of the small habits that I never noticed before have been given the chance to surface and be evaluated on Day 15.

Another of my favorite days so far has been the No t.v. but read a book. I don’t watch much t.v., but I find that I still have it on. Not being able to turn it on to watch something to make me sleepy did seem like a great idea, but after a great nights rest and the start to a interesting book, I think I will do a t.v. free day at least twice each week.

I look forward to the day dedicated to identifying stressful triggers (Day 27), and a day of no notifications (Day 29). It was already hard enough to do day 1 so no notifications should be a piece of cake.

How are you coming along with this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge so far? I have really enjoyed reading your daily and weekly updates. They have been truly inspiring. Keep pushing forward My Beautiful People, the end is near. Bless Up & Jah Guide.

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