Pressure Busspipe “Red Rose” Album Review



Any Pressure Busspipe experience is one that will clinch your senses instantly. His highly anticipated album, Red Rose, is not your average reggae album, and he is not your average reggae artist. After hearing “No Worry Yourself” I knew this album would be special and “Lion Is A Lion” helped to solidify that decision. A special album indeed-organically cultivated, unyielding, and unconditional; you feel the highs and lows from play to repeat mode.

“No Worry Yourself”, released last year, is a Pressure Busspipe love voyage, love in its purest form. Everyone, women especially, want to feel and be loved without worry or thirst. Pressure’s rendition of that kind of agape love is refreshing.

Pressure’s latest single, “Lion Is A Lion” has a powerful fondness that pierces your soul and takes you on a flight to a place closer to Jah. This track gives you truth in history, unconditional love and life. The video, which was filmed on location in Ethiopia, exerts a sacred and steadfast aura.


Red Rose, is the prefect album title with such precision of abiding love; just the right dose of what you need and what you never thought you needed in a reggae album. Love is one thing you wont miss with this album, instead you’ll want to cherish the moments (pun intended & add to it your playlist now) and adore every essence. Like the song says “Time Is The Master” and it’s priceless.

 Red Rose is now available on Itunes. Get yours right now, your welcome.

If you have never physically experienced a live Pressure Busspipe show, get tickets now. It’s a must just on vibes alone! Keep your eyes peeled for his next show near you. He really connects with his fans so stay updated with Pressure Busspipe and the latest from Busspipe Records.

Facebook: Pressure Busspipe

Instagram: @pressurebusspipe

Twitter: @Busspipe

YouTube: Pressure Busspipe 


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