Pressure Busspipe Ft. Pediko- “Smoke Weed For Once”


Pressure Busspipe has again come through the doors with his high vibrations to help your meditations. If you thought you liked Drakes “Come & See Me,” then you will have an eargasm from this raw and straight to the point Pressure Busspipe ft. Pediko rendition.

“Smoke Weed For Once” says what most of the smokers and lover smokers have been singing to themselves all along. This version is the real deal smokers edition. Pressure’s majestic vibes pulsate to your core in this track and is pushed deeper and engraved with every word from Pediko.

This duo creates such a ‘for the people energy’ in “Smoke Weed For Once.” The energy is felt because the energy is there.

“Smoke Weed For Once” is a Playlist favorite. These two artists are different in method but both are mind-blowing. It’s amazing to see them come together and elevate the vibes, those Island vibes of course. Get more from Pressure Busspipe and Pediko.

Stay connected with Pressure Busspipe and Pediko, add them to your ‘must see live performances’ list now! Keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming December events and more music.  Bless Up and Jah Guide My Beautiful People.

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